Work For Us

Work for us – Our Code

It was clear form the beginning we needed a simple CODE to help us create the kind of working culture we will be proud to tell our friends, family and customers about. What usually happens is companies spend a lot of money to get ‘experts’ to tell them how to tell their workers how the culture is going to be.

Our CODE reflects the type of people we are, how we believe we should treat one another and our ambitions to create a truly world class business in Leicester. The emphasis is on the creation of a family orientated structure, where the investment in our relationships has a long term, view.  No short termism, no hardcore hyperbole, that’s not the Umbilical way.

The Value

  • FUN – We exist to be an enjoyable place for us all to thrive
  • POSITIVITY – We approach every new challenge with enthusiasm and a ‘can do’ attitude
  • EXCELLENCE – We strive for excellence in all that we do
  • ASPIRATIONAL – We set our a path for achieving goals both in the workplace and our personal lives.
  • PERSONAL – We believe in the ‘HUMAN FACTOR’ – Listen, Talk, Assist.

Umbilical? What kind of name is that? Its memorable, it’s unique, just like the individual that is attached to the cord.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at Umbilical, we are advocates of the importance of engagement within our local community of Leicester. As our charity of the year, we will be fundraising and supporting LAMP (Leicestershire Action for Mental Health Project). Mental Health is a topic that is close to our hearts, and something we are proud to say we support locally across our external community as well as within our own internal community of colleagues.

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