About us

Umbilical is a company with a great backstory

When Laurence Porter introduced Paul Flynn to recruitment over 20 years ago, little did he know they would be business partners looking to create a world class business in Leicester!

After selling Staffgroup in 2015, Paul Flynn wasn’t sure he would ever return to recruitment again.

The opportunity to create a concept recruitment business in his hometown Leicester with his friend of nearly 30 years was too good to pass up.

The idea is simple, to create a place people can proudly tell their friends, parents and family about.

Create a family feel to the business, develop great business minded people and have a lot of fun.

This site tells a little about what we do, how we operate and what its like to work for us.

Meet the Team

Disruption, automation, predictive, additive, staffing, recruiting, headhunting, technology……

The people who lead Umbilical have over 80 years experience of working Internationally, but specifically in the U.K, Germany and Switzerland.

We are proud internationalists who love working with innovators and life changers; we have been founders and employees of some of the top businesses in the employment space, such as Eurostaff, Sthree, Hays, Reed and Xchanging

Megan de Lange
Daniel Muszański
Ellie Cockburn
Jack Ludford
Alicia Hendry
Izaak Bashir
Charlie Burnham
Evangelise Nolan
Angeline Hobden
Rajan Bachra
Ben Andrzejewski
Paul Flynn
Laurence Porter